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PECO/Asplundh Tree Trimming

Date: June 6, 2017

PECO plans to  complete Additional  Routine Tree Trimming activities within Newtown Borough. This work is being completed as part of their Distribution Preventative Maintenance work for their aerial lines in this area.  Due to the large area of coverage within the Borough, it is anticipated that work will be completed at various dates from Mid-June 2017 through the end of September 2017.

Work is in progress that will cover roughly 4 miles in the Borough. One final planned area of pruning will occur at the end of September which will cover a one mile area.  Please note all customers anticipated to be impacted will receive a tree trimming notification letter from PECO making them aware of the dates to anticipate when tree trimming will occur on their properties.

This work will be completed by Asplundh Tree Experts (ATE) on behalf of PECO. In the event any notices to the borough are required for road closure, ATE will complete them on behalf of PECO. If you have any comments or question regarding the completion of this work, or need to speak to someone regarding this work, please contact Rick Sankolewicz of ATE at (267)207-1265.