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Date: June 13, 2017


Newtown Borough was one of 35 municipalities in southeastern Pennsylvania to participate in the Regional Streetlight Procurement Program led by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. Through this project, Newtown Borough is replacing all existing street lights  throughout  the  Borough with  energy efficient LED street lights.


The Regional Streetlight Procurement Program issued an RFP in 2015 to identify a single energy services company that would complete this project for all 35 municipalities, thereby allowing the Borough to leverage economies of scale with our collective purchasing power. Each municipality is using a tool known as “energy performance contracting” whereby the savings resulting from the project will be guaranteed every year, and these savings will exceed our finance payments on the project every year. The RFP included an expert-vetted specification for the replacement fixtures, to ensure that the Borough was not only using our purchase power to procure equipment and labor at the lowest possible price, but was also purchasing the highest performing equipment on the market. 


Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) was selected as the Energy Services Company for this project.  JCI completed a field audit of all fixtures in the Borough candidate for retrofit.  JCI then developed photometric design of typical locations throughout the Borough, in order to develop a design-driven LED conversion approach that ensures that the correct illumination levels and distributions will be present throughout the Borough.  Construction on this project began as of June 13, 2017, and should take approximately three weeks to complete. It will begin in Washington Village, followed by Lincoln Avenue, Washington Avenue, and State Street.


The new LED lights will last more than 20 years, meaning fewer outages and lower maintenance costs every year.  LEDs typically use at least 50% less energy than the fixtures that they replace.   Across the entire program, the project will produce gross savings of $1.4 million annually, and after the project costs have been paid for by these savings, municipalities will see $15.3 million in net savings over 20 years. 


The LEDs that will be installed will look different from the fixtures they replace- that may appear whiter and/or brighter to the eye.  In fact, these lights were designed to meet – but not exceed unless requested in specific areas - the illumination standards that were previously present in the Borough.  LEDs provide better, more uniform illumination than standard streetlights, meaning improved visibility and improved safety on our streets and sidewalks.