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Office Hours:  Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM

All meetings are held
in Borough Hall
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Planning Commission Meetings

Minutes of 2016 Planning Commission meetings:

June                   June Planning Commission Minutes



Minutes of 2015 Planning Commission meetings:
January               No Meeting                
             No Meeting
March                  March Planning Commission Minutes
April                     April Planning Commission Minutes
May                      May Planning Commission Minutes
June                    June Planning Commission Minutes         
July                     July Planning Commission Minutes 
August                 August Planning Commission Minutes                                
September           No Meeting 
October Planning Commission Minutes

Minutes of 2014 Planning Commission meetings:

January              No Meeting

February             No Meeting

March                3-3-14

April                      4-7-14

May                       5-5-14

June                 No Meeting

July                   7-7-14

August               No Meeting

September         9-8-14

October              No Meeting

November           11-12-14

Minutes of 2013 Planning Commission meetings
January               1-7-13  
February             2-4-13  
March                  3-4-13  
April                     4-1-13  
May                      5-6-13  
June                     6-3-13  
July                      7-1-13  
August            No Meeting    
September         9-9-13  
October            10-7-13  
November       No Meeting  
December       No Meeting
Minutes of 2012 Planning Commission meetings
January                   1-9-12  
February                 2-6-12  
March                      3-5-12  
April                         4-2-12  
May                          5-6-12  
June                         6-4-12  
August                     8-6-12  
September            9-10-12  
October                 10-1-12  
November            No Mtg.  
Minutes of 2011 Planning Commission meetings
January                     1-3-11  
February                   2-7-11  
March                       3-7-11  
April                          4-4-11  
May                          5-2-11  
June                         6-6-11  
July                         7-11-11  
August                       8-1-11  
September                9-12-11  
October                    10-3-11  
November               No Mtg.  
December                 12-5-11