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General Information > Environmental / Water Management Information

Environmental / Water Management Information

Downloadable pdf files:
MS4-2010-11 report

Here are some of the most important ways for residents to prevent stormwater pollution:

Properly dispose of hazardous substances, such as used motor oil, cleaning supplies and paint - never pour them down any part of the storm sewer system, and report anyone who does.

Use pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides properly and efficiently to prevent excess runoff of these items.

Look for signs of soil and other pollutants, such as debris and chemicals, leaving construction sites in stormwater runoff or tracked into roads by construction vehicles. Report poorly managed construction sites that could impact stormwater runoff.

Install innovative stormwater practices on residential properties, such as rain barrels or rain gardens, that capture stormwater and keep it on-site instead of letting it drain away into the storm sewer system.

Report any discharge from stormwater outfalls during times of dry weather - a sign there could be a problem with the storm sewer system.

Pick up after pets and dispose of their waste properly. No matter where pets make a mess - in a backyard or on open space - stormwater runoff can carry pet waste from the land to the storm sewer system to a stream.
Store materials that could pollute water indoors and use containers for outdoor storage that do not rust or leak to eliminate exposure of materials to stormwater.

Environmental Links:

Neshaminy Creek Watershed Association: Richard Myers (215) 598-7791,

Newtown Creek Coalition:

More Environmental links: 

Interactive map from the EPA listing, Superfund sites, hazardous waste, toxic releasers and water discharges

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Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection - similar to the EPA site

Provides information regarding research and education of streams, rivers and watersheds

This is The Southeast regional DEP web site

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This site gives information on endangered species 

Delaware River Basin Commission's Web Site has information on rivers streams and watersheds National Association of Flood & Stormwater Management

Agencies information regarding stormwater and flooding issues

International Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Database

Stormwater information

Water Environment Federation Site provides some information regarding water issues

Pennsylvania Bulletin - Contains proposed regulations

Heritage Conservancy - information regarding Natural and Historic Resources

Pennsylvania Environmental Council - Some information on watersheds and contains additional links to additional web sites

Citizens Advisory Council Contains some information on a variety of environmental issues

Pennsylvania's State Recycling Association Information regarding on recycling issues

Soil and Water Conservation Society - contains some information regarding natural resources and has links to other web sites  Bucks County Planning Commission

Society of Wetland Scientists - information on wetlands

PA EAC network

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